The ImmorTalist Manifesto

“Disease, Old Age and Death are no longer necessary or acceptable.  We are either the last to grow old and die, or the first to stay young and live forever.  We choose to be the first to stay young and live forever.”  — Elixxir, The ImmorTalist Manifesto

“An Extraordinary Book challenges the belief that we must grow old and die” Life Extension Magazine

“A Classic” — Brian Alexander, MSNBC Correspondent, Wired magazine biotech columnist

“I was immediately taken…ensorceled…(The life-saving breakthroughs) won’t just happen, argues the Manifesto: it must be made to happen.” Michael Rae, co-author and Associate of Aubrey de Grey

“A Paradigm Shift…powerful, original, profound, movingly right!” — Rudi Hoffman, CryonicsBook Reviewer

Discover why they’re raving about The ImmorTalist Manifesto.  And why some fear it.  And don’t want you to read it.

The Powers that Be in The Death Society we live in.  The Vatican.  The Religious Right.  The Christian Fundamentalists.  And last but not least, the Pseudo-Immortalists.  They don’t want you to read The ImmorTalist Manifesto.

We challenge you to read and decide for yourself.

Your life — and that of the planet — depends on it.

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Our goal is simple:  Kill Disease, Old Age and Death.

We demand that the conquest of Disease, Old Age & Death be the Number One Priority of every society on the planet.

We demand a dramatic increase in funding for disease-curing anti-aging life-extension research since otherwise Disease, Old Age & Death (D.O.D.) will surely kill every one of us.

The rationale behind The ImmorTalist Agenda:  Humanity cannot be truly happy until it has banished Disease, Old Age & Death (D.O.D.)

The Death Ideology, the ideology which worships a changeable biological reality as immutable ontological essence, must be overthrown.  This Mortalism which makes us submit and grovel to Disease, Old Age and Death must fall like the walls of Jericho.

In the beginning was The Dream.  The conquest of Disease, Old Age and Death.  The attainment of the elixir of youth.  The advent of physical immortality.

The Dream is about to come true.   xxxx

Stay Young, Make History!

Staying young would make history.  Because no one else in all of human history has ever achieved this feat.

If you can look youthful at 120, you’ll be making history.  And this is what Elixxir, the anti-aging guru and philosopher, is aiming at.  And in his performance, Elixxir is inviting you to join him.

No, you don’t have to be a bloody psychopathic conqueror like Napoleon or Hitler to be a world-historical figure.  You don’t have to kill millions to win posthumous immortality.

You can just stay young.  And bonus: your immortality won’t be pie-in-the-sky.

This is the Elixxir track.  The ImmorTalist track.

Fortune, Fame, Family, Children, Power.  These are the traditional Mortalist tracks.

Which track or combination of tracks are you on until now?  What has been your goal?  What drives you? Are you treading water in The Rat Race?

Are you running on empty? Don’t blame yourself.

It’s the goals our Death Society has set for you.  They don’t satisfy.  They will never satisfy.  For you cannot never have enough of Fame, Fortune, Family, Power.  Since they are mere substitutes for what you really desire.  Substitutes for the only thing which can satisfy you.


Almost everyone in our Death Society sweat, toil and bleed for either Fortune, Fame, Family & Children, or Power.  These are the Substitute Immortality and Surrogate Immortality that The Death Society offers us.

And they are not just inadequate, they are pathetic.  This is why we’re drowing in a sea of depression, frustration, unhappiness.

In its Capitalistic form, The Death Society (aka Mortalist Society) lures us with the siren songs of Fortune and Fame.

This is one of the original, profound, and, yes, provocative insights from The ImmorTalist Manifesto by Elixxir.

You won’t find this in any of the verbose, juvenile, sophomoric writings of the Pseudo-Immortalists, rest assured.

D Spence

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